The pancreas has long been considered as the eye of a needle when it comes to the procurement of abdominal organs intended for transplantation. The retrieval, transport/storage, and transplantation of these grafts require optimal operation conditions and expertise of the performing surgeons. Preservation solutions play a crucial role in this process, since they are used to maintain an organ in optimal condition from the time of procurement until reperfusion at transplantation. The use of these solutions offers many advantages and has been considered one of the major advances in modern organ transplantation. In this webinar, Professor Öllinger will present his work at the Department of Surgery in Berlin. He will discuss both the surgical techniques and the purposes of preservation solutions used for pancreas transplantation.

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Transplantation of the pancreas – Surgical realization and organ perfusion

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

Prof Dr. med. Robert Öllinger
Head of the transplantation unit (CVK) 

Charité – University of Berlin
Department of Surgery
Campus Charité Mitte | Campus Virchow Klinikum
Berlin, Germany

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